Yard Lights – Please see rate schedule for light size.
Deposits – Up to $305.00 reimbursed after one year if account is in good credit standing
Record’s Fee – $7.50
Collection Fee – $100.00
Reconnect Fee – $50.00
NSF Fee – $20.00

Line Extensions – When adding new line and/or meters to receive service, an engineering technician will need to meet with the consumer to discuss the various options available. The technician will stake the service according to the consumer’s preference. Upon completion, a cost estimate will be provided to the consumer. Once the consumer has provided an approval, the engineering technician will begin the procedure to build a line. BHCEC provides a $1,500 investment for line constructions. All final costs above the $1,500 will be the consumer’s responsibility, including any necessary deposits and fees.

Upgrades – Frequently BHCEC will perform a service upload as needed for specific loads. Upgrades per the consumer’s request will be billed to the consumer.

Line Removals – Have a service that you will no longer use, but are paying the monthly minimum? Contact the Hardin office to have a Line Removal Request signed.