Base charge – $35.00/month
Deposit – $375.00 reimbursed after 12 months of consecutive on time payments.
Design Fee – $150.00
Prepaid Account – $100.00 initial credit payment to start the service. $100.00 anytime the account has been disconnect.
Records Fee – $7.50
Reconnect Fee – $50.00
Return Check Fee – $20.00
Yard Lights – Please see rate schedule for specific light sizes.

Line Extensions – When adding a new line and/or meter to receive service, our engineering technician will need to meet with the consumer to discuss the various options available. An upfront design fee and a design form will need to be completed before the technician will stake the service according to the consumer’s preference. Upon completion, a cost estimate will be provided to the consumer. Once the consumer has paid the cost estimate, the engineering technician will begin the procedure to build a line. BHCEC provides a $1,500 investment for line constructions. All final costs above the $1,500 will be the consumer’s responsibility, including any necessary deposits and fees.

Upgrades – Frequently BHCEC will perform a service upgrade as needed for specific loads. Upgrades per the consumer’s request will be billed to the consumer.

Line Removals – Do you have a service that you no longer use, but are paying the monthly base charge? Contact the Hardin office and request a Line Removal form. Exclusions apply.